JX3fExtract – ReadMe

JX3fExtract 2.2

(build r534)


To use Gradle, set JAVA_HOME to an OpenJDK 11 (LTS) installation and change to the ./src subdirectory. Some usage examples:

To clean the project, use:

> ./gradlew clean

To build the project, use:

> ./gradlew build

To run all tests, use:

> ./gradlew test

To generate javadoc for the libraries, use:

> ./gradlew javadoc

To run the command line utility, use:

> ./gradlew run

To provide arguments to the command line utility through Gradle, use e.g.:

> ./gradlew run --args="-v -m $HOME/path/to/file.x3f"

To show some information about this project version:

> ./gradlew printProjectName printProjectVersion printApplicationMainModule printApplicationMainClass

To show all available tasks, use:

> ./gradlew tasks

JX3fExtract 2.1

(build r481)

This is a minor maintenance release.


The command line interface behaviour for input files with absolute paths has changed:

JX3fExtract 2.0

(build r449)

New in this version

(See JavaDoc overview page for further details.)

The minimum Java source code level to compile this library is 9. The precompiled *.jar distribution is compiled with OpenJDK 11.0.1 .


The unit tests for this library are based on JUnit4.

In addition, the unit tests for the command line interface module de.bernd_michaely.x3f.extractor.cli require the "Jimfs" library which can be found at https://github.com/google/jimfs.

JX3fExtract 1.0

(build r219)

Initial version of this library (see JavaDoc overview page for details). The minimum Java source code level to compile this library is 7.